Day 64: The Empresario Fair

The following is from Mrs. Stringfellow about the Empresario Fair:

Today I was fortunate to attend Ms. Fleming's 8th period Empresario Fair and what an awesome experience it was! Kids came dressed up like their Empresario, complete with nametags, emotional baggage and accents! They presented reasons why we settlers should choose their settlement and also lovingly insulted their rival Empresarios. The students took questions from potential settlers who were each given an identity and they had to think on their feet and give the best response. My favorite interchange of the day, from the Empresario who's land I would eventually settle on (De Leon):


Potential Settler: "So when the Indians attack our colony, burn down our homes, destroy our crops, steal our livestock and leave our lives in ruins, what will you do for us?"

Empresario: "I will start with some words of encouragement...and then some hugs...actually lots of hugs. Oh yeah and maybe some gold."