Day 140: Meeting Steve Leinwand at NCTM

I was lucky enough to score a free badge to the NCTM Annual Conference in San Antonio (just about a 90 minute drive south of Austin for those not familiar with Texas geography) and the very first session I attended was Steve Leinwand's 8am presentation on quality math teaching.

Anyone that knows me knows how much Steve means to me and if you're in the math community, you should know just how amazing he is. So I decided to tweet at him at 11:30pm the night before, asking "What do you want from Starbucks?". He responded at 2:30am and the "deal" was made (he had to sign a copy of his book for me). So when I walked into the huge Lila Cockrell theater at 7:40am with two drinks in my hand, Steve immediately recognized me and we got to chat before his session. What a great guy! I learned so much from him this week and I can't wait to cross paths again.